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Quality and Reliability Every Step of the Way

CKD OTTO Pharma is a company dedicating to promoting quality and longevity of life. Consequently, the products produced and marketed by CKD OTTO Pharma are specific and having a consistent level of quality to meet or exceed all relevant regulatory requirements and corporate standards to ultimately meet their intended use, needs and expectations of customers, and subsequently adding significant value to our products and services.


Providing life-saving medicines means there is no room for error or compromise. That is why for us, everything begins and ends with the highest quality standards possible. We have commitment to caring for life rest on the safety and quality of our products and services. We place the highest importance on the reliability, safety, and quality of every product and service we offer. Our strict quality management program and reporting system continually monitor performance, ensuring that safety and regulatory standards are met.

Our products and our services, as well as the commitment and dedication of our employees, are focused on improving the quality of life patient. It is our responsibility that the products meet all applicable quality and safety standards.

In order to fulfill this fundamental prerequisite, the company maintains a quality management system which assures the quality of products with regard to safety and efficacy.

Our quality management system ensures compliance with all applicable national and international requirements while meeting the expectations of our partners and customers. 

Our quality management system is regularly reviewed during internal quality audits and certified by external auditors. Currently, we have certificates of Halal and ISO 14001:2015.

Innovation and Excellence

We Are Committed to


Produce and deliver products and service comply with the defined requirements


Obtained the quality by performing all activities with utmost thoroughness and therefore lies in the area of responsibility of every employee


Meet the expectation of our partner and  customer in every aspects.


Compliance with national and international legal requirements  and directive.


Our High-Quality Standards

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